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About Paint Plus

We are a paint manufacturing company offering the widest range, highest quality, lavishly elegant and colorful paints. For almost a decade, our chemical engineering based conglomerate in Nigeria has achieved a hard-earned reputation for excellent manufacturing, business practices and high product quality with her operational offices at the bustling metropolis across the states of Nigeria.

We pioneered the “Future of Manufacturing”

Here, you can take advantage of our “factory-as-a-service model”.
We manufacture any type, color and volume of paints in your own BRAND name.
This extends a great hand of support to startups, newbies, and people who want to start a side business. Leave the technical details to us and focus on other important tasks of growing your business. F-a-a-S gives your company instant access to markets that were inaccessible previously.  This enables the most effective way of producing goods, and using this service will create profitability that is instantaneous while allowing easy access to additional customers and revenue streams.

Call us today to use our factory to manufacture paints and get it branded in your brand/trade name.

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