With over one thousand colors and shades of paints to choose from, you can be sure of luxuriously beautiful, perfect colour combination and quality controlled product because of our secret formulation and unique method of production which makes us produce to customer specification.

1. Paint Plus Satin/Silk (Standard, Premium and Supreme)

2. Paint Plus Tex-coat (Standard, Premium and Supreme)

3. Paint Plus Flex-coat (Standard and Premium)

4. Paint Plus Gloss (Standard, Supreme and Supreme)

5. Paint Plus Emulsion (Standard, Supreme and Supreme)

6. Paint Plus POP Emulsion.

7. Paint Plus Varnish.

8. Paint Plus Wood finish. (Glossy Lacquer, Sandy Sealer, Matching stain, Medium warm, Varnish).

9. Paint Plus Marine Coatings/Epoxy.

10. Paint Plus Permoglaze.

11. Paint Plus Enamel (cellulose and stoven).

12. Paint Plus Putty (Indoor and Outdoor)

13. Paint Plus Marble/Stone trowel. (Standard and Premium)

14. Paint Plus Gencryl. (Standard, Premium and Supreme).

15. Paint Plus Gravitex.

16. Paint Plus Road marking paints. (Standard and Premium).

17. Paint Plus Alkali resisting primer.

18. Paint Plus Tarolin.

19. Paint Plus undercoat.

20. Paint Plus Chlorinated rubber paint.

21. Paint Plus Mirror/Glowing paints.

Our grades of Standard, Supreme and Supreme which all have their individual minimum guarantee shows that we are  pocket friendly, yet saving you costs on your aesthetic and protective needs.

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